Safety and Health

We believe that maintaining the highest possible standard of safety and health is everyone’s responsibility. We are committed to:

  • Providing a safe and healthy workplace
  • Providing effective, timely and quality training in safe procedures and practices
  • Identifying and actively managing all hazards and risks
  • Consulting with workers to promote engagement and participation
  • Promoting and fostering a just and fair culture of safe behaviour
  • Driving continual improvements to eliminate work-related injury and illness
  • Monitoring employee wellbeing, fitness and general health

Our policy is to clean chimneys from the bottom up wherever possible to reduce the risk of personal injury and to minimise the costs to our clients.

If ever we need to get on the roof to carry out a chimney sweep or any other maintenance, a fall arrest system will be used and we will need to charge an extra harness fee. Our systems comply with work safe and industry standards. All technicians are trained and competent to carry out this work.